Petrified couple ‘living on edge’ after finding snake skin under toddler’s bed

Petrified parents "living on edge" face "months" living with a runaway reptile after finding snake skin under their toddler's bed.

Kayleigh Baldwin-Pierce, 23, and her 25-year-old wife Bethan's phobia of snakes are in the middle of their own nightmare after discovering a half-eaten mouse and snake skin in their home last Thursday.

Mum-of-two Kayleigh says there is still no sign of the snake but it has since left a smelly scent in another part of the house.

Most worryingly for the young family from Larkfield, Kent, is that a snake expert has warned them that it could be months before their unwanted new pet comes out of hiding and leaves their home.

Kayleigh told the Daily Star: "The snake has not been found. But we are petrified. We found snake's pee last night and because of the noise the snake moved on to a different part of the house.

"Well it’s not exactly snake pee, it’s called musk. They deposit it when they feel threatened which would have been by the dog.

"We're living on edge and we’ve been told it could hide for months then just slither out."

Sharing the same roof as a snake which so far no one has claimed or come looking for, has forced the family to change their every day behaviour.

With children as young as three and 10-months-old Kayleigh and Bethan are taking no chances.

Kayleigh continued: "We’re constantly looking for it, and keeping the kids with us at all times. We haven't let Harvey sleep in his own bed since finding the skin underneath it."

The couple have enquired about having reptile specialists coming in to relieve them of the problem but have been told that there is nothing they can do until they catch the serpent themselves.

"I don’t really know what else we can do. I just wish it would be found," Kayleigh added and has issued a plea for any potential owner of the snake to come forward and reclaim it.

"I urge you to check your vivs over and over and if you realise you are missing one get in contact. It may help us with our search."

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