Petrified couple sprayed with chemical and beaten in horror home invasion

A horrified couple has been beaten and sprayed with a chemical during a terrifying home invasion.

The crime took place on Sunday, February 20, at a property in Bredbury, Greater Manchester, at around 7:45pm when the couple suddenly spotted a hooded man who had put his head around their living room door and he sprayed them with an unknown liquid.

The unnamed couple originally thought it may have been a friend playing a prank, Manchester Evening News reports.

But to their horror, they soon realised the man was a complete stranger and he wasn't alone.

One victim, a 34-year-old man, immediately jumped up and began fighting off the two masked burglars.

As the group struggled, one attacker continued to spray a chemical in the other 29-year-old victim's face.

Keeping her eyes closed to protect herself, the woman grabbed her phone and ran into her garden to call the police.

Inside, the tussle continued until one burglar demanded the victim hand over the keys to his Ford Ranger pickup truck and began beating him with a brass fireplace tool stand.

Disorientated from the chemical substance and being unable to contact the police, the woman returned to the property.

The two burglars, who were dressed in dark hooded clothing and wore snoods, had the male victim pinned up against the wall.

They demanded the woman hand over her phone before dragging her into the upstairs office.

After spotting a safe in the room, they ordered her to tell them the code while continuing to spray her face with the unknown chemical.

But she was unable to see or speak and as the intruders turned to demand the code from her boyfriend, the woman stumbled out of the room and finally got through to the police.

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The male victim eventually managed to break free and headed towards the front door, escaping the property and shouting for help.

The woman sustained chemical burns and scratches to her eye cornea which require further treatment.

Her eyesight is currently blurry and there is a chance her eyesight could be permanently damaged, but doctors hope she will make a full recovery.

The man suffered serious injuries to his ribs, back, head and face, but none are thought to be life-changing.

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The woman has been left 'on edge' over the attack, she said: “My boyfriend went out an hour ago for the first time and left me with the dogs. I cried the whole time he was out because the motion sensor on the security camera went off and I just panicked a bit.

“We’re going to put the house up for sale and move. Someone broke into our back window before and someone has been in our vehicle. This is the third time and it’s massive.”

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said no arrests have been made.

It has since been established the attackers entered the property through an unlocked front door.

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