Petrol station bosses slammed for hiking fuel prices ahead of Christmas break

Garage bosses have been accused of cashing in on drivers heading home for the Christmas break.

Several motorway services are now charging more than £10 above the national average for a tank of fuel.

The RAC said the average price is presently 2p a litre more than it should be if retailers were being fair to motorists.

Average pump prices have risen to 115.5p a litre for unleaded and 118.9p for diesel, compared with 106.7p and 111.9p in May.

In response, the AA accused petrol providers of ramping up prices and profiteering before the holiday rush.

They said average prices were a penny lower in August, when wholesale costs were almost the same as they are now.

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “Drivers have a right to feel they are being Scrooged.

“Some forecourts seem to be boosting their profit margins ahead of Christmas.

“It’s not the festive spirit in bad times.”

Simon Williams, of the RAC, said: “Retailers are still benefiting from lower wholesale prices.

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“Averages for unleaded and diesel are more than 2p too expensive and ought to come down”

Petrol prices were around £6 a tank cheaper this year compared with last, but drivers got only half of potential savings in the spring.

Retailers say they had to keep prices high to survive when traffic levels dived.

“Many retailers are trying to build back their business and keep staff in work,” said Petrol Retailers Association spokesman Brian Madderson.

“It is wrong to suggest they should cut prices.”

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