Piers Morgan makes US election prediction and warns it ‘could get very messy’

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The GMB presenter posted his grim forecast as Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden were crisscrossing the US as campaigning intensified in the run-up to the crunch vote. Mr Trump was holding rallies in three states key to his re-election hopes: Michigan and Wisconsin – two states he won by narrow margins in 2016 but where polls show him now trailing – and Nebraska.

I suspect it won’t be resolved on the night and could get very messy

Piers Morgan

Mr Biden was making a thrust into traditional Republican territory as he travelled to Georgia, which has not supported a Democrat in a US presidential election since 1992, spurred on by national opinion polls which suggest he is set for victory in the race for the White House.

But Mr Morgan warned against reading too much into the polls after Mr Trump’s shock win four years ago.

He tweeted: “The US election is a week today.

“All polls say Joe Biden will win, but all the same polls said Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.

“Unlike everyone else on Twitter, I have no idea what’s going to happen other than I suspect it won’t be resolved on the night and could get very messy.”

Mr Trump has declined to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he decides next week’s elections are

fraudulent and has already suggested he would be willing to deploy troops on the streets under the 200-year-old Insurrection Act to quell any unrest if he wins.

Speaking to Fox News in September, the President said: “Look, it’s called insurrection. We just send them in and we do it very easy.”

The 2020 presidential campaign has been unlike any other with a raging coronavirus pandemic that has so far killed more then 225,000 Americans has led to record early voting.

More than 66 million votes have already been cast, approaching half the total 2016 vote, according to the US Elections Project at the University of Florida.

Postal voting is nothing new in the US – about one in four ballots were cast that way in 2016 – but its popularity has surged because of the pandemic.

And experts have warned the huge volume of postal ballots could take days or even weeks to count.

Mr Trump, who has repeatedly and without evidence claimed postal votes are likely to be subject to fraud, tweeted: “Must have final total on November 3rd.”

Twitter flagged the tweet with a disclaimer describing the post’s content as “disputed” and potentially misleading.

In a string of early morning posts on Twitter today, Mr Trump questioned Biden’s potential handling of the US Supreme Court and again played down the COVID-19 pandemic despite the record numbers of new US cases in recent days.

But in another confidence booster for the Biden camp, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he was spending £11.5 million on television advertising in Texas and Ohio in the coming days.

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Texas has long been seen as a bridge too far for Democrats in a presidential election and not worth the expenditure in the last days of a campaign.

But Mr Bloomberg, who lost to Mr Biden in a crowded field for the Democratic nomination, decided to make the ad buys after reviewing polling data from multiple states.

In Georgia, opinion polls show the race to be tight, and a win by Mr Biden there would be a severe blow to Mr Trump’s chances.

Mr Biden said he believed he had a “fighting chance” to take the state ahead of an evening rally in Atlanta.

US Election Project researchers predict next week’s election will have the highest voter turnout in 112 years, with 150 million Americans expected to cast their ballot.

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