Pilot grabbed by collar kicks passenger off plane after unleashing on attendant

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    A Virgin pilot was filmed booting an unruly passenger off a plane after he called a flight attendant "stupid c***".

    Video shared by passenger, Ben McKay, on board the Virgin Australia flight from Townsville showed a man in yellow Crocs clogs confronting the flight attendant by the cockpit door.

    The issue escalated and he became physical when a pilot stepped in and pushed him away from the crew member.

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    "You are off mate. Get going," the pilot told the man in white top and a bucket hat.

    The man tensed up and grabbed the pilot by his collar.

    When the flight attendant intervened, the man hurled abuse towards her: "Don't f***ing touch me, you stupid c***."

    "Alright, you're off," the pilot warned. "Let go of me. Let go!"

    The fearless cabin crew pointed a finger at the passenger and shouted: "Let go of him."

    He continued to shout and challenged members of the staff to "arrest me" as the pilot asked the ground staff to "get the cops".

    The flight was scheduled to take off from Townsville to Sydney yesterday (Wednesday, January 4).

    Ben praised the crew for "handling the matter amazingly".

    Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with one saying: "Credit to the flight attendant."

    Another expressed: "He squared up with the captain? He ain't ever flying again!"

    "Oh boy, that will be a long way back home for him," a third joked while others said: "People who do this should never be allowed on an aircraft again."

    A spokesperson for Virgin Australia said: "The safety of guests and crew is our number one priority and we have zero tolerance for any type of unruly behaviour on Virgin Australia flights.

    "Incidents are referred to the Australian Federal Police or State Police where appropriate."


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