PM warns army could be deployed to enforce coronavirus rules in England

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Boris Johnson has said the army may be deployed to enforce coronavirus restrictions in England.

The Prime Minister said there would be “greater police presence” on the streets as he outlined new coronavirus restrictions in Parliament.

He added there would be “the option to draw on military support where required”.

Johnson also increased fines for first-time mask offenders and those who ignore isolation guidelines, and confirmed that pubs and restaurants would have to close at 10pm.

The planned return of spectators to sports venues in England from October 1 has been put on hold due to fears over a second wave.

Johnson said the government will review the measures if the British public can "do what they did before" in getting the spread of coronavirus under control.

He told MPs: "No British Government would wish to stifle our freedoms in the ways that we have found necessary this year.

"Yet even now we can draw some comfort from the fact schools, universities, and places of worship are staying open, shops can serve their customers, construction workers can go to building sites and the vast majority of the UK economy can continue moving forwards.

"We're also better prepared for a second wave with ventilators and PPE, the dexamethasone, the Nightingale hospitals and hundred times as much testing as we began this epidemic with.

"So it now falls to each of us and every one of us to remember the basics – wash our hands, cover our faces, observe social distancing and follow the rules.

"Then we can fight back against this virus, shelter our economy from even greater damage, protect the most vulnerable in care homes and hospitals, safeguard our NHS and save many more lives."

It comes after the UK’s Covid-19 alert level has moved up from three to four, meaning transmission is “high or rising exponentially”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the move reflects “the current threat posed by coronavirus".

He added: “This country now faces a tipping point in its response and it is vital everybody plays their part now to stop the spread of the virus and protect lives.”

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