Police hunt man suspected of raping horse after chasing it around field

Police in Germany are hunting a strange, tall man suspected of trying to rape a horse.

A woman in Michelstadt, 45 miles south of Frankfurt reported a man she saw chase a horse and eventually raise its tail before running off when she approached him.

The witness said she was out walking her dog in a paddock between 3.45pm and 4pm when she saw what she believes to have been the attempted rape of an animal.

Spokesperson Christiane Hansmann from the Police Headquarters of South Hesse, said the woman had described how the man had “finally raised the horse’s tail in order to be able to commit a disgraceful crime against the animal".

The woman told police how she felt compelled to step in to protect the horse.

But when he saw her, she claims he made a run for it across a cow pasture and disappeared into the forest.

Police in the area are now looking for a six foot two, strongly built white male with short dark hair and bow legs.

He was wearing a baseball cap, light jeans and a dark jacket that was folded up at the collar.

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The man is now suspected of having violated Germany’s Animal Protection Act.

Police are now calling for witnesses.

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