Policeman carried away on a stretcher after collapsing during Queens funeral

A police officer has apparently fainted while on duty in London today for the funeral of her late majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The officer was carried on a stretcher by Royal navy personnel and some of his police colleagues. His precise condition remains unconfirmed but is not thought to be serious.

The Daily Star has contacted the Metropolitan Police for an update.

A Royal guard fainted and fell off the podium while he was protecting the Queen's coffin on Thursday, with police officers rushing to help him after he crashed to the ground.

And just a day before that, a member of the public who had travelled to Westminster to pay tribute to the late Queen collapsed among the crowds. Pictures from the scene just outside Westminster Hall where the Queen's coffin was taken showed the person being carried off in a stretcher.

One frustrated mourner, who had joined the massive Queue to see Queen Elizabeth's coffin in Westminster Hall, said that they had seen several people fainting in the queue, overcome buy a combination of exhaustion and emotion.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said mourners were "treated like animals" with several people reportedly falling to their knees as the pressure became too much.

Dedicated royal fans have faced day-long queues to catch a final glimpse of Her Majesty's coffin in Westminster Hall, going hungry and queueing through the night.

There's a huge police presence in London for today's State Funeral.

Described as "biggest security operation in British history," there are at least at least 10,000 police officers involved, along with 1,500 soldiers forming a six-mile wide ring of steel around central London.

Several of London's road bridges have been closed, and some 23 miles of barriers have been erected around the capital to control crowds and keep key areas secure.

Police with sniffer dogs are on hand to spot-check the crowds.

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