Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa jokes she’s ‘coughing’ amid coronavirus outbreak

Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa reassured her millions of fans that her cough was not due to her being sick, but because she was high.

The raven-haired siren took to social media to tell her followers that she had one of the symptoms of coronavirus .

Thankfully Mia added, in a bid to ease her fans’ nerves, she only had a cough because of being "high".

The former porn star tweeted: “I’m coughing cause I’m high, not cause I’m sick, okay.”

But, that didn’t stop many of Mia’s followers from posting replies under the tweet and wishing her well.

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One said: “Thank God you are not sick.”

Another added: “Take care. Go to the doctors for the necessary checkups.”

A third commented: “Haha, this needs to be printed on a T-Shirt.”

The post was also praised by many of her 3million followers who went on to retweet and like it 670 and 6,000 times, respectively.

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It comes as the US registered 2,340 cases and 51 deaths since the virus was first registered in the country last month.

It led US President Donald Trump to shut down incoming travel from the EU and he is now reportedly considering extending the ban to the UK .

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But, Lebanon-born Mia, is surely set to keep her fans in high spirits during the outbreak and regularly keeps them updated about her latest antics.

Just last month, the star kept her followers posted about a wax contest that she held on a five-a-side pitch in London .

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