Pregnant teen stuffed mum in suitcase after boyfriend killed her with fruit bowl

A teenager who stuffed her murdered mum's corpse into a suitcase has been deported.

Heather Mack was pregnant with her accomplice's child in 2014 when together they murdered Sheila von Wiese Mack during a luxury holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Some seven years later, the US national and her daughter, six, have been booted from the island and flown back to America.

Mack, 25, was released from prison three years early last week on the back of good behaviour behind bars and boarded a plane for her deportation on Tuesday

Bali justice ministry spokesman I Putu Surya Dharma confirmed Mack's flight saying: "Yes, it’s true. [She’s] got the ticket already."

The so-called "suitcase murder" saw the young mum sentenced to ten years in prison and her boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, 18 years.

Schaefer beat Chicago socialite Sheila von Wiese Mack, 62, to death with a fruit bowl after a row broke out at the five-star St. Regis resort, South China Morning Post reports.

In a desperate attempt to hide the body, Schaefer and the then pregnant Mack packed it into a suitcase which they abandoned after trying to load it into a taxi.

Mack's shorter jail term reflected her lesser charge of assisting in the murder.

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Despite the mum traveling back to America for the first time since 2014, she would rather her daughter stayed put in Bali to avoid being "hounded by the [US] media," Mack's lawyer said.

With Mack still locked up when coronavirus his Indonesia, restrictions meant she was forced to only see her daughter via video link throughout the pandemic, a prison official said.

After spending seven years on the island known to holidaymakers as being a tropical paradise, Mack has reportedly become fluent in both Indonesian and Balinese languages.

Schaefer told the court in 2015 that he killed his partner's mother out of self defence, as the 62-year-old was furious about her daughter being pregnant.

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Prosecutors however alleged that Schaefer (who is black) "blindly hit" his victim with the fruit bowl in a fit of rage after she racially abused him.

During the attack Mack hid in a bathroom before springing into action to help squeeze her mum's body into a suitcase, which made it only as far as a taxi parked outside their hotel.

Police tracked the couple down to another part of the island where they were handcuffed.

The sentencing judge described the killing as “sadistic".

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