President Putin dismantled and head put in storage after Ukraine invasion

The waxwork figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been removed by a museum following the country's invasion of Ukraine.

Images show staff members of the Grevin Museum in Paris, France packing the lifelike statue away and sending it off into storage.

The dismantling of the dummy comes after the controversial Russian President received international condemnation for his invasion of Ukraine.

Russian forces are said to have been hit with heavy losses as the war enters the sixth day, with reports suggesting more than 5,710 Russian military casualties and more than 100 Ukrainian civilians killed in the conflict so far.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has claimed the casualties toward Russia in the first five days of conflict exceed 5,000.

Fears over Putin escalating the conflict and an increase in Russian aggression has led to Ukrainian's digging in to protect their land.

Ukrainian parliament and Latvian Defence Minister, Dr Atis Pabriks, have both said Belarussian troops have crossed the border into Ukraine.

The worrying escalation sees Boris Johnson announce the UK will extend its offer to help for Ukrainian refugees after the government was criticised for not doing enough to help those fleeing the country.

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The Prime Minister said: "We will make it easier for Ukrainians already living in the UK to bring their relatives to our country.

"And though the numbers are hard to calculate, they could be more than 200,000."

The statement comes after the government announced on Sunday (February 27) that close family members of people already settled in the UK could join them from Ukraine.

It has since been extended to include wider family members and there is also a sponsorship route for firms to bring Ukrainians to the UK.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also challenged the European Union to prove it is on the side of Ukraine, saying: "We are fighting to be equal members of Europe – do prove you are with us. Do prove that you will not let us go."

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