Prince Charles and Camilla ‘to move into Buckingham Palace after Queen dies’

Prince Charles is still set to move into Buckingham Palace when the Queen dies, the Palace has told Daily Star Online.

Charles and Camilla will pack their bags to move out of Clarence House and into the Royal Family’s HQ when the Charles becomes King.

The pair will still wave goodbye to their current four-storey home of 17 years despite reports the Prince of Wales doesn’t want to move.

A Clarence House spokesman had previously told Daily Star Online: “Buckingham Palace will be his residence just as it is now for the Queen.”

A royal source also told us: “The Prince of Wales will take up residence at Buckingham Palace when the time comes.”

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And when contacted by Daily Star Online this week, Clarence House stood by its previous statement and said nothing has changed.

The move would be despite Charles and Camilla being “very comfortable” at Clarence House.

Reports previously suggested Charles is not a fan of Buck Pal – dubbed “the big house” – and that he even wants to turn the 775-room palace into a museum instead.

A source previously told the Sunday Times: “He doesn’t see it as a viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world.

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“He feels its upkeep, both from a cost and environmental perspective, is not sustainable.”

But when Daily Star Online previously asked Clarence House whether Charles would use the site as a second home instead, like the Queen does with Windsor Castle, a spokesman said: “It will not.”

And when questioned on what will happen to Clarence House when Charles and Camilla move out, the royal household would not comment.

Daily Star Online also understands Prince William and Kate Middleton will stay at Kensington Palace when Wills becomes heir to the throne, and won’t move to Clarence House.

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Despite Clarence House’s insistence Charles will move into Buckingham Palace – which is currently undergoing a major £370million refurb – royal commentators are still not convinced.

Royal Central editor, Charlie Proctor, previously Daily Star Online he “wouldn’t bet against him staying at his current home”.

He said: “It is widely assumed that when he takes to the throne, Prince Charles will move into Buckingham Palace – a building associated with housing the monarch for many centuries.

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“However, I think it is perfectly possible that Charles & Camilla will decide to live in Clarence House, their current home, when The Queen dies.

“Clarence House has been Charles & Camilla’s home for 15 years now. They have made it homely and are comfortable. Who wants to move from their perfect home, especially at their time of life?

“…I certainly wouldn’t bet against him staying at his current home.”

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