Prince Charles should step aside and let William be king, Brits claim in poll

A large group of people have called for Prince Charles to step aside and allow his son Prince William to become the next King of England after the Queen, a recent poll has found.

This comes after Prince Charles has seen a rise in popularity over the few years with almost half of people questioned believing he would do a good job as King.

But despite this encouraging data, out of 2,055 Brits aged 14 to 75 polled online 42% want to see the Duke of Cambridge crowned before his father, Express reports.

Only 24% of those surveyed said Prince Charles should not stand aside for his son, while 29% are said to have no strong feelings either way.

Prince Charles has seen a very encouraging rise in popularity since 2018, according to a comparison between the two most recent Ipsos polls on the royals.

The older generations seem to be more confident that Charles would do well as King.

Between the people aged 55 to 75, around 59% believed he would do a good job and only 16% disagreed.

Charles also did well among those aged between 35 to 54, with 49% believing he would perform well as King and only 178% speaking against it.

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In other news, an Australian man who insists that he is the secret love child of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles has produced another photo that he says backs up his claims.

Simon Dorante-Day chose to mark his 56th birthday by posting a photo to Facebook that shows him alongside an image of Her Majesty the Queen at around the same age.

Dorante-Day captioned the photos “A picture speaks a 1000 words!”.

If his allegations were correct, Dorante-Day would be the Prince’s first-born son and could technically lay a claim to being next in line to the throne before Prince William.

For over 20 years, Dorante-Day has been determined to prove his unsubstantiated theory that he is the second in line to the throne.

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