Prince Harry absolutely furious with press on royal tour with new mum Meghan

Prince Harry was "extremely furious" with the media during his royal tour with Meghan Markle in South Africa, according to a journalist with the press pack.

Robert Jobson, royal editor at the London Evening Standard, explains what the mood was like during the tour in the BBC2 documentary The Princes and the Press.

Part Two of the bombshell show aired on Monday (November 29) despite the Royal Family's stern response to last week's episode.

Describing how the Sussexes' week in South Africa appeared to be going, Mr Jobson says: "Every day they were getting positive press.

"Every single day in South Africa, there was no negative press whatsoever.

"And the way it was handled was pretty American, but it was pretty organised even though you weren't necessarily interacting with the principals.

"At the same time we've got Tom Bradby from ITV having little conversations around the corners."

Meghan, who was "exhausted" and breastfeeding baby Archie in-between royal engagements, famously told Mr Bradby she "was not ok" and opened up about her mental health for the first time.

The interview went viral around the world and some outlets criticised Meghan for talking about her feelings.

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In the BBC documentary, Sky News royal reporter Rhiannon Mills adds: "Well, I certainly didn't have any idea of what exactly Prince Harry was saying to Tom Bradby.

"But how he was generally on that trip, he wasn't like Prince Harry that we've known before.

"He didn't really engage. He didn't really come and come and talk to us in the ways that he would have done."

Mr Jobson adds: "I remember we went to the township in Johannesburg, on the outskirts of Johannesburg, and he had a speech to give there.

"He was extremely furious with the whole media.

"He didn't want to look at the cameras. He didn't want to interact."

Omid Scobie says Harry was likely still feeling angry about earlier press coverage of Meghan, which he'd called "racist" in an open letter.

"For Harry to see some media organisations represented on their tour of southern Africa be the same publications that had spent much of the year in his eyes harassing his pregnant wife, or writing ill of her, I think that's where they really struggled," he says.

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