Prince Harry and Meghans rent contract for UK home is good deal for taxpayer

The British public might finally have something to praise rebel Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for.

The much-maligned pair, who left their official working Royal roles behind when they moved to the United States a few years ago, were booed upon their return to the UK last month the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

And despite leaving the UK behind, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do have one non-family tie left in the country.

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Frogmore Cottage, part of the Royal estate at Windsor Castle, is currently being rented by the pair.

They even paid for a £2.4 million refurbishment of the history Grade II listed property.

Even though the couple have only stayed there once – last month – the rent they pay has been labelled as “good” for the British taxpayer.

A senior Royal source told several UK news outlets: “The rent has been calculated by reference to market valuations for a property of that nature.

“So it's an independent valuation, so it's been market tested.

“I can be confident in saying that this is a good deal for the Sovereign Grant and the taxpayer alike.

“The £2.4 million has all been received and it has now been fully accounted for within the Sovereign Grant accounts, there's no deferred income, it's all been recognised.

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“And we say that fulfils their current obligations for rent under the licence and we would not go into the commercial details of the arrangement, as we wouldn't for any other property rental, so we would not say what period that covered.”

The exact amount of rent outside of the £2.4 million the couple are paying has not been disclosed, but it was also clarified that until Harry and Meghan paid that money, “no expenditure” had been spent on the cottage by the Sovereign Grant.

Essentially, we Brits hadn't paid a single penny on the upkeep – and now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are covering all the costs.

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