Prince Harry ‘close to tipping point’ of losing hair as advice offered for Duke

Prince Harry has been advised to "own the shape" of his head and embrace letting go of his thinning hair.

The Duke of Sussex, 37, recently joked about his thinning hairline with Invictus Games attendees and claimed that he’s “doomed” to go bald.

Harry addressed the topic while filming a Dutch TV show alongside Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg.

His comments came after royal fans previously questioned whether a photo of him on the cover of Time magazine alongside his wife Meghan Markle had been edited as he appeared with fuller-looking hair.

Now, Prince Harry has been offered some advice from Dylan Jones OBE, previous editor of GQ, who embraced his own baldness some 20 years ago.

Mr Jones reflected on his own experience of going bald in a recent article and said that the Duke of Sussex “should really take note” as he is “looking very close to the clipping tipping point”.

He points out that both the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge, 39, have been losing their hair for a while.

In a new opinion piece, the journalist points out how the brothers address their thinning hair in different ways.

He describes William as looking “like a statesman” as he has a “sense of decorum and dignity has meant that he’s taken far more care with the way he presents himself to the world”.

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While on the other hand, he claims that Harry “appears to be fitting in with a slightly more Laissez-Faire and Californian way of doing things”.

The former editor of magazines i-D and Arena says that Harry should take action now to avoid looking like “leather-skinned surfer dudes who wanders around in flip-flops and loincloths”.

Dylan Jones said in an opinion piece for the Telegraph: “Here's some advice from a bald man to a balding one: As with any other ‘affliction’, the only thing to be done is to accept it and move on.”

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He insists that the Duke of Sussex, who stepped down from royal duties in 2020, should “positively own” shaving his head, adding “Own the shape of your head. Own your space.”

He says that taking a pair of clippers to his thinning hair “will make him look a hell of a lot more in control of his life”.

He points to “cool” looking bald men whom Prince Harry could take inspiration from including Hollywood actor John Travolta.

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