Prince Harry is ‘close to well of sympathy being tapped dry’, royal expert warns

Prince Harry's "well of sympathy" following Princess Diana's death is close to "being tapped dry", a royal expert has warned the royal.

The Duke of Sussex is on "very, very thin ice" after he plugged an Apple TV documentary with footage of her funeral, Daniella Elser said.

He talked emotionally about his mental health alongside Oprah WInfrey in the trailer for "The Me You Can’t See", which is also set to feature his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie.

The clip included footage of him walking behind the Princess of Wales' coffin in 1997 as the Royal Family was implicitly accused of failing to "treat people with dignity".

Ms Elser wrote in "In 1997, one billion people, according to Newsweek at the time, watched not only Harry but also brother Prince William make the 34-minute walk behind their mother’s funeral cortege, the boys’ grief etching itself irrevocably on the global consciousness.

"The world especially took the youngest boy under its collective wing and for decades Harry has occupied a unique position in the collective psyche, his flubs and mistakes regularly being cheerfully forgotten by a compassionate public. This was the little boy whose searing pain we all bore witness to. He had suffered so much on live TV.

"But so much has changed, so fast, and we are coming perilously close to that formerly nearly boundless well of sympathy for him being tapped dry."

She added: "For months now, Harry and wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have been trawling out their allegations of mistreatment by the royal family in the media, chucking grenade after grenade at the palace with the Duke only last week criticising Charles’ parenting, and by extension, the Queen and Prince Philip.

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"We were wronged, badly, the Sussex message has been, with the duo painting themselves as martyrs to the cold-hearted monarchy.

"That Harry has suffered tremendously is not up for debate. What is questionable here is his continued hauling out of all of this trauma in the public arena, because, really, what is it achieving?"

The royal expert continued: "There is also the question of the inclusion of the Diana funeral footage in Harry’s new show.

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"There will be a very, very fine line between striving to share his own experiences with a view to quashing stigma about mental health and using this tragedy in an uncomfortable, self-serving way."

She said "what never gets mentioned about Diana’s death" is her other relatives who lost a loved one, adding: "Again and again and again since Harry and Meghan excised themselves from the royal family they have pushed the boundaries but how much time before the very, very thin ice which Harry especially is standing on starts to crack?"

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Prince Harry's representative has been approached for comment.

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