Prince Harry once called French pub landlord a f***ing frog in drunken rage

Prince Harry allegedly called a French pub manager a "f***ing frog" in a drunken tirade that saw him banned from the establishment.

It's on record that the young prince enjoyed wild boozing sessions at The Rattlebone Inn near King Charles' Highgrove home in Gloucestershire.

And in Robert Jobson's 'Our King', the author has re-visited the night where Harry, according to the Mirror, took it "too far".

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Stating that Harry's drinking habits became public knowledge due to former News of the World royal editor Clive Goodman, Jobson wrote: "He [Goodman] wrote that Harry, whose father and brother were away from Highgrove at the time, frequented the Rattlebone Inn in Sherston, and got drunk. Harry had then been banned for calling the French manager 'a f***ing frog'."

The pub boss, Franck Ortet, has previously revealed exactly what happened on the night in question.

Franck said he had a close relationship with both William and Harry, who often frequented his pub with their friends, and would have banter with the boys.

However, he claimed Harry's jovial manner changed over time and he became more dismissive and rude.

The Frenchman explained that it all came to a head when he got into a slanging match with the young royal because he refused to serve him alcohol.

Speaking to the Mail, Franck claimed he asked Harry for ID, but got the reply: "Shut up and get on with your job."

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He then said Harry started calling him "Froggie" repeatedly, which he laughed off at first but eventually lost his rag.

Franck explained: "As he carried on calling me names I could see him turning his head to smile at his friends as though he was being really clever. It looked like he was enjoying being the centre of attention.

'I'm sure he thought it was really funny but it annoyed me because everyone was laughing and I felt he was trying to humiliate me. I had to leave to stop myself saying something nasty.

"I went out of the bar to calm down and when I came back they'd gone. I felt offended that he'd made my customers laugh at me."

Franck said he barred Harry from the boozer and he never returned – and he has not seen the prince ever since.

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