Prince Harry’s US popularity is ‘plummeting’ after he made ‘serious mistake’

Prince Harry has reportedly seen a large drop in popularity in both the UK and US following a string of interviews on American media outlets.

In an interview on talkRADIO, former Sun royal editor Charlie Rae said that Harry’s popularity has ‘gone right down’, according to some polls.

Harry was thrust into the spotlight after announcing that he and Meghan Markle would be stepping back as working members of the Royal Family.

The decision strained Harry's relationship with his family, in particular with his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton, who Harry had lived with prior to meeting Meghan.

The Sussex's interview with Oprah Winfrey proved a bombshell moment, with Prince Charles reportedly leading the royal response with the Queen's approval.

Speaking with host Kevin O’Sullivan, Rae said: “This guy was a hero in Britain and now he is the zero, I'm afraid.

“His popularity has gone right down. There was a poll the other night which showed 54% of people just wished he would shut up.”

O’Sullivan responded: “The popularity polls for him and Meghan on both sides of the Atlantic are plummeting.

“He made the serious mistake a couple weeks back of questioning America's sacred First Amendment, which is about freedom of speech. Americans do not take kindly to interlopers who turn up in their country and criticise it.”

Rae added: “He has faced an awful lot of criticism within America.

“He made a big mistake in criticising the First Amendment.

“There has been an awful lot of traffic on social media from Americans saying ‘if you don't like it here, head off back’.”

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Harry has not returned to the UK since coming back for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip.

Rae went on to reference a poll from Newsweek which had attempted to gauge the popularity of the Sussexes.

The poll cited that 54% of people surveyed had said that they would like to hear less from the Sussexes, whilst 18% responded that they would like to hear more.

Conversely, opinions seemed more even when asked whether they approved of Harry speaking publicly about his upbringing, with 39 percent saying they disapproved versus 36 percent who said they approved.

Harry has been the cause of controversy among certain circles in the US after he called the First Amendment ‘bonkers’ in an interview with podcaster Dax Shepherd.

Representatives for Prince Harry have been approached for comment.

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