Prince Harry’s ‘worry’ as William ‘struggled to breathe’ in Covid-19 battle

Prince Harry would have had a "tough time" being so far away from Prince William when he learnt of his brother’s Covid-19 diagnosis, and "worried" about Kate Middleton and the kids catching it, a Royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are an ocean away from the Royal Family who have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic in recent months.

Heir to the throne, Prince Charles, fell sick with the deadly bug back in March, and was forced to isolate at Birkhall home on the Balmoral estate in Scotland.

Charles has since said he “got off lightly”, suffering from minor symptoms. But his son, Prince William, who kept his diagnosis private, reportedly “struggled to breathe.”

Meghan Markle and Harry have remained in California throughout the ordeal due travel restrictions and are likely to have been “told personally about William having Covid,” Deputy Editor of Royal Central, Brittani Barger, told Daily Star Online.

Ms Barger said it is likely the Royal Family wouldn’t have let Prince Harry "find out with the rest of the world" and "no matter what" the Duke of Sussex would have "checked in on his brother when he found out".

She said: "I would think that Harry checked in on his brother when he found out that he had Covid. No matter what, that's his brother, and he wouldn't want him to have the virus.

"I’m sure he was worried about him having it and Kate and the kids catching it. I think that is only natural.“

The expert also said Prince Harry, knowing he is halfway across the world, wouldn’t have taken it easily, and was could only “video call or phone call” to check in on his family.

Like many, this would have been a "stressful time" for Harry, even more so as he would have known he couldn’t "check on them in person once they got better."

Ms Barger said: "Harry is like so many in that he's been separated from his family for a long period of time due to this pandemic.

"It's been a stressful time for all of us and seeing your loved ones sick with something like COVID – and knowing you are halfway across the globe – is not easy. He could only video call or phone call to check on his father and brother.

"He wasn't able to check on them in person once they got better due to travel restrictions.

"I would think Harry was told personally about William having COVID. I don't think that would be something they'd let him find out with the rest of the world. They are family, so I'm sure he was told by someone in the family."

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Ms Barger said it is likely Prince Harry and William chatted about how he thought he contracted Covid-19 and asked whether Kate Middleton and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were OK.

The brother’s may have even "discussed the lockdowns and how the UK and US were handling" the pandemic, as well as people's overall mental health.

She said: "I'd think that Harry and William discussed Covid, how William was feeling, how he thought he contracted it, if Kate and the kids had symptoms, etc.

"They may have discussed lockdowns and how the UK and US were handling things and how they were coping with it themselves and how they could help others via their charities.

"People's mental health has been really impacted by this pandemic, so discussions on how Head's Together could help and what more they could do with mental health may have also been discussed."

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