Prince Williams future marred by grief and loss in chilling psychic warning

Prince William future will be tinged by “grief and loss”, a psychic has claimed.

Inbaal Honigman told the Daily Star how the landscape of Buckingham Palace for the heir to the throne isn’t the same without his brother.

She used tarot cards to look into various elements of the Royal Family to see what their futures hold following a period of remarkable change.

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Inbaal ‘s readings come just days after King Charles III ’s coronation, which saw the eyes of the world fix on Westminster.

These turbulent times have been spearheaded by the erosion of relations between Buckingham Palace Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who quit the family to forge their own path. 

That exit, Inbaal thinks, could be at a heart of her troubling predictions about Prince William’s grief.

She said: “It's William who's got the harshest card – the Seven of Swords which is a card of grief and loss.

“William's enjoyment of his position as heir, as he gets used to new responsibilities, is a lot less fun without Harry around.”

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She felt that the severity of the Prince’s life might well be on the rise too, with greater responsibility coming in about six year’s time.

The psychic said the cards showed that by 2040, William would be doing the majority of the monarch's workload.

Inbaal explained: “There are different phases to Charles's reign, and for the first six years of his duty, he'll be extremely active and involved.

“The Six of Wands card represents taking action – a lot! So he'll be on and off that plane, meeting up with people and basically on his feet all the time.

“For the 10 years that follow, so around 2030-2040, the King will include Prince William in most of his engagements.

“The Sun card represents transparency, and the men will be very open about William training just in case he has to take over without warning.

“Around 2040, I see the King offering Prince William the opportunity to do all the King's jobs, while Charles takes a less active role.

“The Seven of Cups card shows that the King is a bit reluctant to step back, but he'll decide to be on the safe side, just in case the stress and exhaustion of constant travel will become too much for him.”

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