PS5 stock update as Amazon announces new consoles ‘available online from Monday’

Amazon is reportedly shipping and distributing a new batch of PS5 consoles, with insiders suggesting the stock could become available on Monday.

The shipment will be welcome as gaming fans have become increasingly frustrated at the unavailability of the consoles, which are like hen’s teeth.

A tweet from PS5UKStock, which tracks the console’s availability, read:

“Exclusive Amazon News! Our insider at Amazon’s logistics has informed us there is nothing today but a large shipment moving tomorrow, with regional distribution over the weekend, and most likely a drop on Monday.”

Curry’s has also announced a new raffle system where customers can register for a “priority pass”. This enters them into a raffle which gives them a code valid for 72 hours which they can use to purchase a PS5.

The retailer adopted the model after the previous queuing system unfairly favoured people with strong internet or who have time to sit waiting for stock to drop.

Stock can sometimes clear out within minutes of going up, as eager fans stand ready to swoop in.

The launch of the PS5 has also sparked outrage from gaming fans as scammers have designed bots to rip off customers.

The practice, known as “scalping”, involves using a bot which has the user’s payment information ready, and can check out within milliseconds of the stock going live, effectively shutting out would be customers.

The consoles are then put up on auction sites like eBay at an exorbitant rate, with sellers gouging the price up to as much as £1,000, more than double the product’s RRP.

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Retailers and gamers hope that as more stock becomes available the high value of the items will drop and they will become less desirable for scalpers to target.

But for now, gamers looking to get their hands on the console should keep an eye out from Monday.

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