Pub hires Bella and Bertie robot waiters to pull pints and deliver food

A popular pub's newest members of staff are a pair of robots, with locals describing the new additions to the team as a "brilliant".

The Nevin's Newfield Inn in County Mayo, Ireland, has treated revellers to an area "first" by employing two robots in a now viral pursuit of artificial intelligence.

Nevin's Newfield Inn initially trialled one robot, Bella, and once the trial proved a success with both customers and service, a second robot was purchased.

Bella received her bar-staff buddy, Bertie, after trials proved successful with just the one robot, with pub management quickly opting to hire a second robot for behind the bar.

Staff at the pub said: "Introducing Bella and Bertie who have become a permanent resident here with us.

"They are here to assist our wonderful staff delivering food to our tables. Make sure to say hello to both when you are here next."

A change in serving patrons at the pub came after coronavirus restrictions left the pub wondering how it could find alternative methods to getting a shift filled.

The pub received its fair share of positive Facebook comments, with pub-goers praising the establishment for its innovative idea.

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One commenter said it was a "great idea" and another said they were "looking forward to meeting them".

A third said they had "heard they're brilliant" but would face stiff competition when tasked with serving "chippies".

Nevin's Newfield Inn isn't the first pub or business to utilise the developments of artificial intelligence, with The Mirror reporting an estimated 7.1 million jobs could be lost through technological redundancy.

The figure comes from the World Economic Forum, which said that while 7.1 million jobs could be made redundant by technology, it would be offset by 2.1 million positions created in specialist areas such as maths, computing and engineering.

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