Punjab minister filmed drinking polluted water before being admitted to hospital – VIDEO

India: Punjab Chief Minister drinks water from Kali Bein

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Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, has been rushed into hospital due to drinking water from the river Kali Bein, in India. Video footage of the Chief Minister shows him lowering an empty glass into the river before pulling it out and drinking from it during a holy rivulet in the city of Sultanpur Lodhi. He has been complaining of severe stomach ache and has been taken ill in a local hospital, just days after the incident. Mr Mann was airlifted from his home on Tuesday evening and admitted to a hospital in Dehli.

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann can be seen kneeling down at the edge of the river Kali Bein in India.

He carefully can be seen lowering his cup into the river before pulling the cup out once it’s filled nearly all the way to the top.

Mr Mann stands up straight, faces the camera and puts the glass full of polluted water from the Kali Bein river to his lips.

The Chief Minister then begins to sip from the glass, and swallow the unsafe water.

The men around him cheer in celebration of Mr Mann’s actions, he then finishes the glass of water, drinking every drop.

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Mr Mann’s health condition was kept top secret due to the fact that he was rushed to hospital in Dehli without his security team.

His own political office did not issue a statement or confirm his health crisis to the public or press.

Many scientists advise people not to drink polluted or untreated water, due to the health issues it can cause on the body.

Users on social media have been reacting to the video footage of the holy rivulet in Sultanpur Lodhi.

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One user @Param_Chatha said: “In Panjab, we do not have any ‘holy river’ So, your statement is absurd. The ‘saint’(environmentalist) has taken up the project to clean the river (basin) and been doing since long. He claims the water to be drinkable, and the CM drank it. Simple! It’s been over a week I guess..”

@Vrshift said: “That’s not how you do that. He should’ve consulted the professionals first.”

@Ajay_Rahul said: “Why Mann did not get admitted in Govt hospital? Why apollo? Health system has collapsed n while rich n politicians go to swanky private hospitals, poor que up n spend days waiting for questionable quality of health care in Govt hospitals..Govt priority Mandirs n new parliament!”

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@Nirol_ said: “He should have done what Obama did in Flint and just pretend to take a sip.”

@BankiMistry said: “He is reported as admitted to hospital for routine checkup . What is reality?”

@MayaFaisal9 said: “What was he thinking!!!”


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