Putin enemy being slowly poisoned in long and painful prison assassination

Mad Vlad’s archnemesis Alexei Navalny fear’s he’s suffering a long, drawn out killing by poison after he revealed he lost 18lbs (8kg) in just a few days and is suffering from mystery stomach aches and seizures.

The Russian opposition leader is currently serving a nine-year sentence in a maximum security penal colony around 155 miles north of Moscow after being found guilty of large-scale fraud and contempt by a Russian court.

While many across the world saw Navalny’s prison sentence as a sham orchestrated by the Kremlin, Russia held out against external pressure to free him, going as far as to reject a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights, which said he should be freed immediately because of the risk to his life.

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The 46-year-old is now believed to be suffering from massive weight loss and “seizures” after he was stuffed into a solitary confinement cell for the 13th time since August last year.

His medical records revealed that during his latest 15-day stint in the grim solitary cell, Navalny is believed to have lost almost 18lbs.

His team are worried he has been poisoned in the penal colony and are demanding tests to determine the cause of his ailing health.

Vadim Kobzev, his lawyer, said despite Navalny suffering such severe pain that an ambulance was called to his cell, the doctor refused to treat him.

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He said: "The medic told him 'it’s spring, everyone has acute symptoms'."

Kobzev claimed the onset of seizures prompted fears that prison authorities were trying to assassinate the outspoken Putin critic.

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It wouldn’t be the first time the Kremlin has tried to kill the outspoken dissident.

In 2020, investigative journalists found that Russian FSB agents tried to poison Navalny by slipping the deadly nerve agent Novichok into his underwear.

Navalny was hospitalised, and ended up in a coma for nearly a month as he fought the effects of the poison.


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