Putin firing ballistic missile next week as area larger than England locked down

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Residents of a Russian peninsula larger than England have been warned of a massive intercontinental ballistic missile that will be launched next week by Vladimir Putin's military.

Although it is unclear on which missile is being used in the launch, residents of the Kamchatka region were warned by officials of the upcoming weapons test.

The previous weapons test from Russian forces came on April 20, where despot Putin had his forces trial a Satan-2, a silo-launched intercontinental ballistic missile.

Other launches are prepped for later in the year, with Russians set to test out their hypersonic 208-ton weaponry, also known as the Sarmat missile.

Officials from Kamchatka issued a warning to those living nearby and tourists in the area that the missile test would be relatively soon, with a planned launch between June 6 and June 10.

A statement from officials read: "We are announcing the upcoming launch and closing of the fall area for movements of people, equipment of all kinds, aviation flights and tourist groups."

The Kura testing range is set to receive the blast, with officials warning that several areas were at risk of "the fall of the separating parts of the launch vehicle or its fragments".

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Areas at risk included the "eastern and south-eastern parts of the Tigilsky district, the southwestern part of the Karaginsky district and the north-western part of the Ust-Kamchatsky district of the Kamchatka region."

The last test launch missile, Satan-2, was deployed in April this year, with Putin saying the new missile would ensure the security of Russia and make "those fierce people who are trying to threaten it" think again.

The Russian president also claimed there would be "no analogues to this weapon in the world for a long time to come".

Satan-2's April launch saw the 14-storey high missile blast off through a cloud of smoke and fire, and Russian tests this coming week could involve similar missiles.

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Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and close ally of Putin, praised the 26ft deep crater left at the Kura test site during its previous test.

The Roscosmos head warned: "With a nuclear charge, such a crater at an enemy site will be…well, very large and very deep – and radioactive.

"And not just one, but exactly as many as the most powerful nuclear missile in the world will deliver to the territory of a fierce enemy."

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