Putin has failed Russia! Anger grows at invasion threat as mass graves loom for troops

Ukraine: Urgency for diplomatic negotiations says Heappey

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The Russian strongman looks set to unleash the dogs of war on his Western neighbours, in what could become the biggest military conflict in Europe since the end of World War II. Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops to the north, east and south of Ukraine. Analysts now believe that an attack is imminent and could come as early as this week.

Express readers have had their say on Mr Putin’s warmongering, with many clearly angry at the Russian tyrant’s antics.

One reader using the handle “T4two” said: “Nobody likes Putin. Nobody wants Putin.

“Putin has failed Russia. Putin is bereft of any ideas of how to run a country successfully.

“That’s why Putin is threatening to start a war.”

Analysts fear that a Russian invasion could lead to thousands of casualties on both sides, military and civilian.

Sporadic fighting in the east of Ukraine has already resulted in around 14,000 fatalities since war erupted there in 2014.

Express reader “man in oz” believes the body count would play badly with ordinary Russians.

“He (Putin) would not be the flavour of the month when the body bags keep returning and families are left to weep , and for what?

“No one, even Herr H goes to attack others, without there being a price in bodies.”

HerbertClamp, however, ominously replied: “There will be no body bags because, in addition to heavy weaponry, the Russians have been using huge bulldozers to dig mass graves for their expected casualties! (expected deaths for an attacking force is 10 percent plus 40 percent wounded).”

Another wrote: “If he goes ahead with the invasion of Ukraine he will become a wanted man a tyrant and will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life however long this may be.”

“John2430” claimed that the Russian leader was following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler.

“He seems to be following the Hitler handbook even if he has not realised it himself,” he commented.

“We all know what he fears more than anything is real democracy arriving on his doorstep.

“Once and if the Russian people realise he is just ripping them off he is gone.”

Some believe that Mr Putin is playing a game of brinkmanship in order to ring concessions from the West.

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One said: “Personally I think Putin is looking to use this to get some concessions from the west.

“He can’t afford a war.”

The Russian President has issued the US and its NATO allies with a list of ultimatums.

Chief among them is the demand that NATO gives legal guarantees that Ukraine will never be allowed to join the military alliance.

Mr Putin also wants NATO to withdraw its troops and weapon systems from Eastern Europe.

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