Putin in midnight dash to Kremlin stoking fears of more major moves on Ukraine

Evil Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was spotted making a “midnight dash” to the Kremlin sparking fears of a devious new move being planned against Ukraine.

Putin was filmed in his Aurus limousine – alongside several official Russian vehicles with lights flashing – speeding down a Moscow street.

Footage was snapped by several people, and leaked online, but no confirmation of what was going on was given.

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The last time he was spotted in a similar state was on the eve of launching his “special military operation” in Ukraine in February.

The Telegram channel which first aired the footage – Operation Z: Military Commissars of the Russian Spring, with 900,000 followers – subsequently deleted it, possibly under official pressure, but other unofficial outlets showed it.

One headline ran: “Putin’s cortege is rushing to the Kremlin – wonder what for?”

Putin does not live at the Kremlin – the Russian seat of power – but at his Moscow region official residence Novo-Ogaryovo, some 20 miles away.

In the summer, he is often based at another residence on the Black Sea.

Political analyst and former MP Sergey Markov claimed Putin’s dash to the Kremlin could be linked to a move to declare Ukraine a “terrorist state”.

Another theory was that he planned to announce a major escalation of the war amid a US announcement for massive new military support for Ukraine.

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“Ukrainian social media must be trembling while reporting that right now Putin has arrived at the Kremlin – which means some important decisions will be made,” Mr Markov said.

Yesterday (Wednesday, August 24), Putin had held a meeting evidently from Novo-Ogaryovo on wildfires threatening regions close to Moscow.

A day earlier he was seen in a Kremlin meeting with ex-deputy prime minister Igor Shuvalov, now chairman of state development corporation VEB.RF.

However, there was suspicion this was “canned footage” that had been recorded earlier.

No statement has been given by Putin at the time of reporting.

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