Putin pal: Brit ‘mercenaries’ will be shot to protect Britain from uprising

One of Vladimir Putin’s top military advisors has threatened that prisoners of war like Brit Aiden Aslin who have been captured will be shot – to "protect" the UK.

Aslin – who has a Ukrainian partner – had been fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces for years before he was captured by Russian troops following Putin's savage invasion.

He was subsequently sentenced to death in a bogus trial with fellow Brit Shaun Pinner, and pro-Putin separatists have now warned that they are preparing an execution site for the pair.

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Putin’s defence spokesman Eduard Basurin reiterated the threats when asked by a Russia State TV host whether prisoners of war like Aslin and Pinner would be killed for fighting against Russia.

“Yes, I think so, this is really not about mercenaries. Let’s speak honestly, it’s not about the person who came to kill for money, but about their political stance,” he suggested, in a clip shared by journalist Julia Davis on Twitter.

“The majority of these mercenaries coming here, they are all nationalists of their own countries. For that reason, we should be destroying them.”

Aslin is not a mercenary, as confirmed by the UK government and his family.

Bizarrely, Basurin went on to claim that the decision to execute prisoners of war would be taken to protect their home countries, rather than Russia itself.

“We’ll help the countries from which they came by destroying them because if they were to return, they will try to do the same in their own country,” he added.

This is despite the fact that Aslin had travelled to join the Ukrainian military as far back as 2018, well before Russia’s full invasion of the country began in February this year.

And, despite claiming to be protecting the West by executing who they falsely claim to be “mercenaries”, Basurin continued to reiterate Putin’s propaganda about completing a wider mission with the attack on Ukraine.

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“We have a certain mission, the Russians always had a mission, the Slavic people always had a mission. This is our mission, it might be a difficult one, sometimes not everyone understands it, but it always gets fulfilled. History shows that we always complete our mission,” he observed.

This comes as Russia unveiled a terrifying new missile, with another of Putin’s cronies suggesting that the 200-ton rocket was preparing for mass production.


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