Putin pals chilling remarks after dead sausage tycoons body burnt by officials

One of evil Vladimir Putin’s deluded minions has released a chilling statement to try and explain why the bodies of two Russian men who mysteriously died were burnt so quickly after their deaths.

Millionaire sausage tycoon Pavel Antov, 65, who was accused of criticising the Ukraine war, supposedly fell off a hotel’s third floor in India just days after his pal Vladimir Bidenov was found dead in the same building.

A speedy investigation ruled out foul play, with cops concluding Antov died due to internal injuries after falling from a height and Bidenov, 61, died from a heart attack.

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After the two bodies were quickly cremated, prominent Indian politician Manish Tewari hit out at the suspicious deaths.

He bravely claimed: “A cremation in India of two Christians rather than a burial, the bodies not repatriated to their native countries.

“If this not unnatural death then I did not go to law school… burnt bodies tell no tales.”

But it sparked a chilling response from Russian ambassador Denis Alipov, who brazenly decided to not explain why the bodies were hurriedly disposed of in India instead of returning to Russia, as would normally happen.

He responded: “Cremation in Russia is as customary as burial. Idleness is the root of all evil.”

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Vladimir Putin’s bloody regime is well-known for silencing its critics, and there is a long list of victims that continues to grow.

The tyrant is known to use horrifically painful methods including poisoning from deadly powder strychnine.

Its grim symptoms are so bad the senses are heightened before muscle vibrations tear away the tendons from the bone.

Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichnyy was found dead in London with a chemical substance similar to strychnine inside him, although – similarly to Antov and Bidenov – an inquest failed to find direct evidence of murder.

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