Putin roadblocks entire city as Kremlin hunt for saboteurs intensifies

Putin tipped to cave into peace talks as Ukraine humiliates Russia

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Putin’s forces have intensified their search for reported “saboteurs”, with the Kremlin erecting roadblocks around Sevastopol to hunt for people opposed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to local Telegram channels, Russian soldiers were searching any cars with Ukrainian number plates entering or exiting Crimea’s largest city throughout the night on Friday. This comes after a fortnight of mysterious attacks on military targets, located far behind their frontline.

The drone strike is thought to have hit Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters.

Footage posted to social media showed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying above Sevastapol before Russian air defence guns released fire on it.

The UAV is then seen crashing into the roof of the HQ.

There were no reported casualties.

Earlier this week, Russia’s Defence Ministry blamed a number of explosions which took place in northern Crimea on “sabotage”.

The explosion, which was thought to have damaged a nearby railway and electricity substation, occurred at a Russian military airbase near the Russian-controlled settlement of Gvardeyskoye.

Meanwhile, plumes of black smoke were spotted rising at a Russian military airbase near the Russian-controlled settlement of Gvardeyskoye.

According to war correspondent and former US Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer, Ukrainian forces also targeted a second Russian naval air facility at Hvardeyskye in Crimea.

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Smoke and explosions were seen at the airfield, where two squadrons of SU-24М and SU-25СМ attack aircraft were reportedly stationed.

He claimed that Ukrainian forces were “informed by local partisans”.

This comes as Putin’s forces appear to be struggling in their assault on Ukraine.

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As many as 40,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war so far, according to estimates from the Ukrainian armed forces.

As many as 22 aircraft and 190 helicopters have reportedly been wiped out.

Russian forces have suffered a number of setbacks in recent days, with three elite Russian helicopters being destroyed in the space of three days.

The Ka-52 choppers, flying over Ukraine, were taken down by Ukrainian air defences earlier this week.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian forces reportedly shot down almost every single missile launched in a Russian air strike.

A spokesperson for Ukraine’s Air Force Command, Yury Ihnat, reported that Ukraine’s air defence intercepted seven out of eight missiles launched in a Russian strike.

The missiles were launched from the Caspian Sea on the evening of August 2.

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