Putin roasted for overcompensating with comically large tables in power play

Vladimir Putin has been mocked for his ridiculously long tables at the Kremlin when speaking to just one person.

Social media users have suggested a range of hilarious reasons as to why Russia's leader prefers to sit at a 20-foot long table.

Since ordering the invasion of Ukraine last Thursday (February 24) the rest of the world has called on Putin to pull troops out of the country where civilians have taken arms to fight for their families.

As with any serious current affairs matter, alternative criticism of the offending 5ft7 president has emerged on Twitter in the form of memes.

Photos of Putin's love for long tables have included those with French President Emmanuel Macron at the other end and more recently German Chancellor Olaf Sholz.

The official line fed by the Kremlin to Reuters is that a long table has been used to keep Putin in a "strict health bubble" and reduce the risk of potentially contracting the likes of Covid-19.

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The measures became even more important for the visits of Macron and Sholz as they refused to take Russian PCR tests for Covid-19 in case Russia kept and used their DNA, the Kremlin said.

One Twitter user joked: "Maybe he is overcompensating for something?

Another quipped: "Nah it's a normal table, just Putin so very small man."

An out-of-the-box explanation suggests the large tables could double up as games surfaces.

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A third added: "Are they all reversible pool/snooker/ table football etc tables? Maybe the Kremlin is actually a casino and these convert to blackjack and roulette?"

Someone offered the theory that Putin prefers to keep a distance from guests to prevent them believing that they are on level terms. They wrote: "Proximity breeds familiarity, which leads to people mistakenly think it’s an engagement of equals."

Captioning a gif some a man riding a grizzly bear another person added: "It’s a power play, sure he takes pleasure in unnerving his rivals in a bid to get the upper hand."

According to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Putin choosing to hold one on one meetings at "40-foot tables" signals he's gone mad.

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