Putins army facing mass revolt as conscripts treated like cattle at border

Vladimir Putin's army is facing a mass revolt of Russian conscripts after claims reservists are being treated like "cattle".

Hundreds of men based in the Belgorod region of Ukraine say they have received "no training" since being mobilised by the crazed leader.

In harrowing footage, nearly 500 conscripts complained about the “brutal, absolutely appalling conditions” they have had to endure.

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It comes as Putin announced the first mobilisation since World War Two during a rare public announcement on September 21.

The desperate recruits risk punishment by venting their fury over their plight after arriving by train in the Belgorod region which borders Ukraine.

“There are about 500 of us, all armed,” said one of the soldiers acting as a spokesman for the miserable men.

“Yet we are not registered to any military unit.

“We had no provisions, no money – nothing at all."

The spokesman said "no one needs" them and stressed that no weapons had been registered to them.

“Not a single machine gun is registered with a military ID….[against the Russian criminal code]," he said.

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“The attitude from the officers is to treat us as cattle.

“No one needs us, there is zero training."

He added that they'd spent an "awful amount of money just to get food" and even mocked the weaponry.

“And don’t even start us about the ammunition," he said.

“This is the ammunition they’ve given us.

“It was found lying on the ground of the military unit.”

A military source quoted by state media RIA Novosti claimed the men were not moving directly to the war, but to training, and denied there were any problems.

“The issued small arms are assigned to the personnel and accounted for,” said the source.

“The soldiers are provided with individual rations en route to the training area, and medical personnel are part of the team.”


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