Putins chef sparks anger in Kremlin with revelation about military squadron

Russian despot Vladimir Putin's "chef" has sparked outrage in the Kremlin after revealing a little too much about paramilitary troops of the Wagner Group.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman with close ties to president Putin and subseqently nicknamed "Putin's Chef", is reportedly creating rifts within the Kremlin.

It comes as "Chef" Prigozhin makes a series of bold claims about the Wagner Group, a deadly Russian paramilitary group that officially does not exist, but reportedly acts as a private military company.

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The network of mercenaries who are shrouded in mystery, or at least were until Prigozhin mentioned them publicly, are said to be furious as they fight on the frontlines with Russian troops in Ukraine.

Despite the notoriety of the group and their active positioning on the frontlines of Ukraine, it would appear that Prigozhin's comments have caused a rift in the Kremlin.

An assessment from the Institute for the Study of War stated that rifts were caused "by publicizing the so-called 'Wagner line' of fortifications in north-eastern Ukraine, which appears misaligned with Kremlin-led narratives on the course of the war."

Prigozhin, who is believed to own the Wagner Group, claimed on Telegram that the engineering team within the allegedly non-existent group were working on fortifications.

The so-called "Wagner Line" would see a bolstering of defences in the Russian-occupied Luhansk Oblast region.

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But the very mention of the "Wagner Line" and the squad itself in public appears to have broken a taboo and spiralled Kremlin insiders into chaos.

A report from ISW read: "The Kremlin is likely attempting to maintain its limited framing of the war, which will likely continue to upset the nationalist community that is seemingly concerned by the lack of defences around Belgorod Oblast.

"Prigozhin and Wagner-affiliated Telegram channels previously indicated that there is an ongoing schism within the Kremlin's power circles between officials that are hesitant to continue the war due to personal interest and those in favour of Russian total victory."

Despite that "upset", Wagner Group and Prigozhin are said to be "at odds with Kremlin promises to defend all of the Luhansk region", Newsweek reported.

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