Putins chilling antics during Q&A as smirks display comedic side – expert

Russian President Vladimir Putin showed his "bizarrely comedic side" in a "chilling" display at a Q&A event, according to a body language expert.

The despot recently fielded questions at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, seeming blissfully detached from the ongoing chaos caused by his invasion of Ukraine.

Putin compared himself to the 18th century Russian autocrat Peter the Great, who seized Swedish territory in the Northern War, and even went back on the original justification for his invasion.

He declared that Ukraine was rightfully Russian, rather than saying that the invasion was an act of self-defence.

Body language expert Judi James said the warmonger seemed to relish the chance to show a different side of himself.

She told the Mirror: "Slumping back in his armchair in a diagonal splay, Putin displays his bizarrely comedic side here.

"(He is) clutching the mic in one hand like a stand-up and using body language that is close to showboating as he speaks to an audience of young entrepreneurs."

She went on to describe his overall demeanour as one of smugness, suggesting he finds "irony or sarcasm" in the current global crisis he has caused.

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His laughs, nods and gesticulations seemed at odds with some of his threatening comments regarding the situation, she added.

Ms James said Putin's "warmth and humour" appeared "chilling" given what is happening in Ukraine.

The expert also commented on how Putin's body language squared up with the current rumours regarding his ill health.

It is thought that he is suffering from either cancer, Parkinson's disease or both, and Western intelligence sources have claimed that he recently underwent surgery.

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Ms James said: "His face is also incredibly mobile here, which might also suggest a lack of Botox, which is another theory.

"His display of good humour plays against the current stories of his health, although the body slump does look counter-intuitive."

She added that if it was an act it was a "very well-performed one" given how he seemed to really be enjoying himself.

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