Putins troops build 45-mile trench on frontline as Ukrainians mock ditch

Russian president Vladimir Putin's troops have built themselves a massive 45-mile long trench, and Ukrainians have openly mocked the recent dugout.

The "record" ditch, which stretches across a bulk of land on the frontlines of the Ukraine war, has cut through the southern region of Zaporizhzhia and marks a long walk between occupied territory.

Troops acting under despot Putin appear to have built the "mega trench" as a way of travelling through the occupied parts of Ukraine, with the area from Leitopol to Zaporizhzhia covered.

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Satellite images have shown just how the trench snakes through the Ukrainian land, with officials from the under siege country mocking the "record" trench.

Natalya Gumenyuk, spokeswoman for Ukraine's southern defence forces, said: "Well, at least they [the Russians] will win at something. There will be no second victories. Let them be record holders from the trenches."

Her mockery comes as Russians fashion a trench that links them directly to illegally seized land, with the "gateway to Crimea" seemingly integral to Putin's plans.

The trench may also hint at Russian fears over the potential pushback Ukrainian forces could achieve in the area, Metro reported.

Russian troops are said to have been digging away at the trench since September 2022 and have only just finished work on the massive excavation.

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Images obtained by the Sentinel-2 satellite, one of several operated by the EU's Copernicus space programme, showcased just how massive the trench was.

Dozens of Russian troops appear to have dug out the trench, which now connects the occupied territories of Ukraine and opens up a corridor to the already occupied Crimea.

But building the trench coincides with a recent retreat of Russian troops, who were pushed back from the capital of Kyiv earlier in the war and allegedly enlisted civilian workers from Kyrgyzstan to finish the trench.

Footage showed workers whittling away at the dirt and carving out a mega trench for despot Putin's war.

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