Queen banned George and Charlottes fave board game after turning vicious

Monopoly, a famous board game for families and friends, has reportedly been banned from Royal Family gatherings by The Queen after rumours of things getting "violent".

According to Prince Andrew, he admitted the existence of said ban when visiting the Leeds Building Society's newly-refurbished Albion Street headquarters for a lunch.

After being given the board game to celebrate his visit, he said: "We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious."

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The competitive gene seems to run completely through the Firm as Prince William revealed the games he and Kate Middleton play with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

William, 40, was involved in a Q&A with young patients of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in 2021, and sat down with Radio Marsden's Barry Alston at Kensington Palace ahead of Christmas as they talked about his family's traditions come Christmas time.

"When I see my children meet up with my cousins' children, and they all have a wonderful time playing together, it's very special," William said.

"Christmas is a new dynamic when you have children, suddenly it's a whole different ballgame of noise and excitement," he admitted.

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He picked out Monopoly and Risk as the two games the family play on Christmas Day and said both games could last hours due to the sheer competitiveness within the family.

"We love Monopoly and Risk, that's a good game, it goes on for hours and usually everyone gets really cross because they lose but that's what I like playing," William said.


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