Queen refuses to cave to Prince Harry in his demand for Met Police bodyguards

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The Queen will not help Prince Harry in his demand for Met Police bodyguards, with the Duke of Sussex threatening to sue the Government to give him back the protection he lost.

Harry lost Met Police protection after quitting his royal duties, The Sun reports.

A royal source said "Her Majesty certainly won't cave in to his demands," after questions over whether the Queen will support her grandson came to light.

Harry has been told the Met Police are not "guns for hire" and cannot be treated as a private force for the rich and famous.

The response comes after he threatened to sue the Government after the Home Office rejected his demands to use the officers.

He is seeking round-the-clock police protection – which is normally reserved for royals and government officials – when he and his US-based family visit the UK.

Harry lost the protection privileges two years ago when he told Her Majesty that he was quitting royal duty to live in California with wife Meghan.

Although he has offered to pay for police bodyguards, insiders insist The Met is not a "private force".

There were fears over the last few days that Harry, 37, might take the Government to court as neither side showed signs of giving way.

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But the Queen will not be helping her grandson's fight – thought to be the first legal action of its kind.

A royal source said: "This is not a matter for Her Majesty. She certainly won't cave in to his demands.

"It is a matter for Her Majesty's government. Who gets protection is not a gift the Queen can decide to give or take away."

Another said: "His demands for security in the UK have not been openly or widely discussed within the family because it was thought sorted two years ago."

They added that the Queen's recent health concerns mean that the last thing Her Majesty wants to do is become embroiled in a battle between her grandson and the Government.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said of Harry: "He is a private citizen like the rest of us. You can't use The Met as a private police force – they're not guns for hire.

"When Harry made his decision he wanted out of the protective arm of the Royal Family, he maybe didn't realise the pitfalls.

"One sympathises but this is the law. He hasn't thought it through."

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She added: "He has always been paranoid about security because he was a serving officer in Afghanistan. But he can't have it every which way.

"If he doesn't think he can bring his family back, then so be it."

The Prince is seeking round-the-clock protection because his "security was compromised" when he returned to the UK last summer.

His and Meghan Markle's security was costing taxpayers around £5million a year when they lived in Britain.

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