Queen under pressure to deny Lilibet royal christening, claims source

Her Majesty the Queen is reportedly "under pressure" to deny Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's daughter Lilibet a royal christening, a source has claimed.

Reports have suggested the Sussexes could return to the UK this Autumn when they could have their newborn daughter christened.

But contrasting reports have suggested the couple may instead opt to have a "super small" christening for their daughter Lilibet in the US – without the royal family, a plan which has reportedly left Kate Middleton particularly "devastated" following her efforts to play peacemaker between Prince Harry and Prince William.

The Sussexes welcomed Lilibet 'Lili' Diana into the world in June with the new arrival weighing a healthy 7lb 11oz.

And now a report in Life & Style suggests Prince Harry is really keen for the ceremony to take place in the UK – although the Queen may not allow it.

A source told the magazine: "As much as he’s in love with Meghan and committed to his new life and family, Harry is still a Brit at heart."

They added: "He doesn’t want Lili to be the only royal in his country’s history to be christened outside the UK."

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The report says the Queen is "under pressure" to deny Lilibet a royal christening.

"She adores Harry and has allowed him to get away with so much. It looks like he and Meghan are finally in for a very rude awakening, though," the insider added.

Gertrude Daly, who runs the Gerts Royal Replies website, previously told the Daily Star: "I fully expect Lilibet will be christened in the UK at some point. One of the requirements of the line of succession is that you must be a Protestant. And to become Monarch you must be specifically 'in communion with the Church of England'.

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"The Succession rules don’t lay out exactly what that means. There is nothing saying you need to be baptised, or confirmed by a certain age. As long as you aren’t baptized or confirmed into another religion, you probably would be able to keep your place.

"But, given the Queen’s role as head of Church of England, I would expect the Sussexes to christen Lilibet in England. It could happen this autumn. Or they could put it off till another trip to the UK.

"There is no deadline. Princess Eugenie wasn’t christened until she was nine months old.

"But if they want Lilibet to wear the Royal Christening gown it would likely have to be during their autumn trip."

Daily Star has contacted representatives of Prince Harry and Meghan as well as the Queen for comment.

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