Queens best quips from saucy pleasure quip to Alan Titchmarsh to Madonna snub

It’s 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II’s reign began in 1952 – and since then she has met thousands of celebrities at everything from film premieres to sporting events.

But some of the encounters have been stranger than others!

We celebrates Her Majesty’s milestone by recalling some of her wackiest moments with the stars…

Comedian Frank Carson said the Queen once revealed her own comic talents, telling him: “I’m the best mimic in the family.”

● In 1982, Her Majesty shook hands with shot put champ Geoff Capes at the Braemar Highland Games. But their palms got stuck together because of the resin he had put on his for grip.

● As Prunella Scales bowed to the Queen after playing her on TV, the monarch quipped: “I expect you think I should be doing that to you.”

● Presenting TV gardening host Alan Titchmarsh with his MBE in 1999, the Queen said: “You’ve given a lot of ladies a lot of pleasure” and complimented him on the size of his onions.

● In 2016, the Queen joked with Olympic diver Tom Daley about her small stature saying: “Maybe I should try gymnastics.”

● When actor Brian Blessed met the Queen she joked with him about swearing on Have I Got News For You and asked him to repeat his famous line “Gordon’s Alive!” from the movie Flash Gordon.

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● At a party she once turned to actor Michael Caine to save her from a dull man, saying: “Mr Caine do you know any jokes?”

● When the Queen sat next to Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961 at a dinner he asked her which cutlery to use. She confessed, “I still don’t know!”

● At the Royal Tournament in 1997 she complimented TV Gladiator Rhino on his muscles, saying: “You look very well.”

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● At a Royal Variety Performance in 2012, comedian Lee Mack asked: “You staying at the Premier Inn with Lenny?” Her Majesty replied: “No, I probably won’t do that.”

● After meeting actress Miriam Margolyes at a Buckingham Palace bash the Queen told the actress to “be quiet” when she interrupted her.

● When asked what she was doing nowadays at a Palace lunch, Joanna Lumley babbled: “I’m very concerned about legalising drugs.”

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● The Queen asked Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford why heavy metal had to be so loud. He blurted: “So we can bang our heads, Your Majesty.”

● She once asked artist Tracey Emin: “Do you show internationally as well as in Margate?”

● At the 2002 premiere of Bond movie Die Another Day she had to ask who singer Madonna was.

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