Queens face stretched on to 2,700ft worlds tallest building in Dubai

The world's tallest building known has paid homage to the late monarch by lighting it up with the Queen's face.

The touching display on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai also includes an image of the Union Jack in memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 2,700ft tall building joined other iconic sites that have marked Her Majesty's death.

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It comes as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Empire State Building in New York also honoured her memory.

Heartbreaking tributes have poured in from across the UK as the world reacted to the Queen's death which was announced on Thursday.

The Burj Khalifa shone a massive portrait of the monarch into the night sky as the Middle Eastern country displayed its solidarity with Brits.

An array of tributes marked Her Majesty with beautiful lights, with the Empire State Building commemorating her with the colour purple.

Over in Australia, the Sydney Opera House also marked the late monarch by showing a picture of her on the remarkable site.

Back in the UK, Legoland added flags at half mast while mourners left flowers to its Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace tributes.

Other details such as a notice of the 96-year-old's death have been included on the gates of Buckingham Palace, reports Daily Mail.

Legoland announced a one-day closure at the park following the tragic news and has since reopened in Windsor.

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The theme park used miniature versions of the Palace and castle which struck a chord with its park visitors.

TikTok user Aamina Zafar-Tariq said: "Legoland’s tribute to our late Queen Elizabeth II is making me a little emotional.

"[It was] complete with the carpet of flowers, notice of her death on palace gates and flags flying at half mast over Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace."

The Queen passed away at her summer home in Balmoral, Scotland, on Thursday after it was previously announced that there was health concerns.

Charles was proclaimed as king on the weekend.

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