Racy models billboard forces local councillors to change rules after backlash

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    A major Australian city plans to overhaul its advertising policies after a massive backlash caused by an OnlyFans billboard.

    The City of Stirling council, in Perth Western Australia, has tightened its advertising policy afterOnlyFans content creator Savannahplastered up a massive larger-than-life billboard.

    She has now warned that her ads could pop up anywhere around the city as she prefers to “ask for forgiveness”.

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    “I find that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” she said.

    “So if and when I do decide to start putting billboards again, no one will know until it is already done.”

    She posted her board in Osbourne Park in April, a move that Perth Now claims earned her some half a million Aussie dollars.

    The move caused locals to complain in their droves, with the ad even coming with a QR providing a direct link to her page, WC Savage.

    The mother of four commissioned the billboard for some AUD$7,700 (Around £4,000) which blew her cleavage up on the massive sign and offered the link to over 18 content.

    A petition was even launched to get her to take the “porn billboard” down and 70 printed pages were sent to Ad Standards of Australia.

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    Now the city has updated bylaws to make sure that adverts match community standards.

    Savannah has now hit back, saying the move is an attack on free speech.

    She told Perth Now: “A local council being able to let their bias determine which business can advertise in a manner which they decide — not only attacks tax-paying businesses but goes against their ability to employ a freedom of speech against censorship.

    “The attack on women and their bodies is as old as the human race itself and they are still perpetuating it in any way they can. It disgusts me.”

    Savannah added she thinks the city should “should stay in their own lane” when it comes to deciding what goes on billboards.

    “If a picture of myself in a bikini is the worst thing we see today, we should consider ourselves lucky as there are people all over the world experiencing actual hardship and horrible incidents daily,” she said.

    “We should be grateful that me in a bikini at the beach is all we have to complain about.”

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