Raging driver drags climate protester off the road- Get out the way!

Climate protester gets dragged from street by furious driver

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A raging driver came out of his car to drag one of the eight climate protesters off the road. The man can be seen lifting the activist by the neck in a brutal attempt to get him out of the road. He eventually throws him onto bushes in the motorway’s median strip.

As the driver pushed the activist onto fir trees, he ordered the protester: “Sit down!

“If you get out of here, you’ll see, I’ll beat the s**t out of you!” 

As other protesters refused to stand up and blockaded the road, the man shouted: “Get out of the way, f******!”

After the driver’s attempt to get the climate protesters out of the road, French police intervened around 6:30 pm.

French police officers were filmed dragging the four remaining activists one by one from the A6A motorway on the outskirts of Paris. 

A dozen activists deployed the same protesting method as Just Stop Oil by blockading the motorway in an operation led by Dernière Rénovation (Last Renovation), a French civil resistance campaign.

“The climate catastrophe is upon us, the time to act is now,” 20-year-old protester Rachel said. 

“I would have liked to be with my brother, to spend time with him. But today we only have 880 days left if we want to keep the world livable. So that’s why I’m here! If I don’t do it, who will? I’m sorry to block these people, I don’t enjoy being here. But I’ve tried other ways before and they didn’t work,” she added.

This was the third action taken by Dernière Rénovation (Last Renovation).

The protesters demanded President Macron adopt an ambitious plan to better isolate buildings by 2040, the first step towards a significant reduction of France’s carbon emissions.

“Eight citizens were taken into custody, the blockade on the highway lasted 40 minutes,” Dernière Rénovation reported. 

The road blockades triggered mixed reactions on Twitter. 

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Just Stop Oil protesters blasted as ‘time wasting professionals’ [REPORT]  

@DimitriMaraine said: “An impactful advertising campaign with international visibility. They believe in it, and do not give up even in the face of violence and stupidity.”

@KamesHott_ tweeted: “You are good big clowns in any case. Thank you for the entertainment.”

While @GawelleHumbert said: “You still don’t have to be very smart to sit on a three-lane highway with the car driving a 130kmh (81mph) frankly.”

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