Raging mum fumes after finding sliver of glass inside an OXO stock pot cube

A mum-of-two has said she came close to feeding broken glass from an OXO stock pot to her two young children.

Ceri Bruinsma was making spaghetti bolognese for her eight and ten-year-olds and luckily, only needed to use half the stock pot.

When she scooped some out with a spoon she found what she claims is a sliver of glass.

OXO has said the safety of its customers is paramount and is collecting the item for analysis.

Ms Bruinsma, from Walton, told the Liverpool Echo: "I was extremely concerned and only noticed it because the glass was quite big.

"I'm concerned someone else might have that problem and not notice.

"I was making a meal for the kids which makes it even more worrying.

"If I hadn't only been using half of the pot in the bolognese, I would have just dropped the whole thing in and probably not have noticed.

"I noticed it and picked it out with my finger – it was a sharp bit of glass. My friend said it could have been plastic off the lid but it's not. It's definitely glass.

"I've got no idea how it got in there.

"I'm just lucky I was only using half this time and noticed it.

"I've got two kids and my youngest has got autism and ADHD and is a very fussy eater so getting him to eat anything is an effort.

"I had the glass on my finger but I'd never have been able to show him as he'd never eat anything again if he saw.

"He's got a fear of foods and that would put him off anything for life."

A spokesperson for OXO said: “This product can crystallise, and dissolve again once cooked.

"However, consumer safety and quality are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we’ve requested the collection of the item from the consumer as soon as possible to allow us to analyse this."

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