River of blood floods street after tank holding 5,000 litres of gore explodes

This grisly scene is what happened when a tank containing 5,000 litres of cow blood suddenly burst and spilt its sticky contents down a residential street.

In the video, which was filmed by a horrified witness in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a river of dark red blood at least 200 metres long covers a road.

In places, blood has pooled into and filled potholes in the road while people try to reach their cars which have been marooned.

Amazingly, a brave man wearing all-white walks down the blood-drenched street while looking as if he doesn't have a care in the world.

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The man filming says in Spanish: “Up to the corner, everyone is taking pictures, we are going to have more complaints than Pérez García", TN reports.

According to local media, the sticky mess was caused by a tank of blood at Livestock San Roque slaughterhouse in Morón suddenly bursting, with the reasons unknown.

Neighbours have said there was a "foul smell" and volunteer firefighters quickly hosed the blood away, although they allegedly missed some side streets.

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The sickening footage struck fear into the hearts of Reddit users when it was uploaded by someone who used to live in Morón earlier today.

Posting in the "Well That Sucks" sub-Reddit, they wrote: "A tank filled with cow's blood just exploded right next to where I grew up."

"You want a plague??" someone wrote in response. "Because this is how you get a plague."

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"Ok between the plague and climate change and now this I am pretty certain to end times be nigh about these days," said another.

A third viewer said: "I just threw up in my mouth reminds me of that exploding whale story."

Blood is used for fertiliser such as "blood and meal meal" and can also be refined as a high-protein feed.

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