Robot believed to be worlds most advanced human-shaped android

An advanced robot appears to be able to naturally display human gestures and emotion.

Designed by UK-based engineers and creatives Engineered Arts, footage of the humanoid robot appearing to "wake up" has gone viral with over 10 millions views.

The innovative robot, known as Ameca (pronounced Am-ek-uh), features ground-breaking technology in movement and gestures due to a system that is designed to embrace artificial intelligence.

The company has hailed Ameca, who has drawn comparison with androids from the hit film I, Robot starring Will Smith, as the “future face of robotics”.

Engineered Arts believe Ameca could be the platform for future development in advanced robotics.

Morgan Roe, Director of Operations at Engineered Arts, said: “A humanoid robot will always instil an image of what the future may hold. Ameca represents a perfect platform to explore how our machines can live with, collaborate, and enrich our lives in tomorrow’s sustainable communities.

“Ameca integrates both AI with AB (artificial body) for advanced, iterative technologies that deliver superior motion and gestures, all housed in a human form and robotic visage for a non-threatening, gender-neutral integration into an inclusive society.”

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The designers say that Ameca can be easily upgraded with both hardware and software due to its modular design.

The robot has been 15 years in the making with care spent in ensuring it has “smooth, lifelike motion and advanced facial expression capabilities.”

According to a conversation with Engineered Arts founder Will Jackson to news outlet Reuters, Ameca has been made gender-neutral and race neutral.

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Mr Jackson added: “We’re just trying to make something that has the basic human characteristics – expression – without putting anything else on top of that. So, hence the grey faces.”

The key role for Ameca is to become an attraction to wow customers or visitors at an event theme park or attraction, according to the company’s website.

Engineered Arts will talk more about Ameca next year when the humanoid will appear at the CES 2022 in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8.

However, Ameca is already for sale at over £100,000 and is available to rent through the company.

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