Roofer sacked after woman told his boss when he asked to see up her skirt

A woman who was fed up with being catcalled phoned a roofer's boss after he yelled "sexual slurs" at her from his work van.

Liz Alexander, 34, was just walking down the street with her daughter when a man in a Chipping Norton Roofing work van yelled "let's see up your skirt" at her out the window.

Horrified by the comment, the mum decided to teach him a lesson and called the number on the back of the vehicle to inform his boss.

She told The Sun: "I had just left a cafe with my three-year-old daughter and was on my way to pick up my eldest from school. I had my back to the van and suddenly it slowed down beside me.

“A man in the passenger seat hung out the window and shouted, ‘let me see up your skirt’. I was absolutely disgusted.

“I remember my mum being wolf-whistled at in the street when I was a kid and it was just viewed as the norm.

"I don’t want my girls to think this is OK. They are the future.”

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Liz, from Milton Keynes, said that the owner of Chipping Norton Roofing in Stratford-upon-Avon, West Mids, told her he was “truly sorry” for the "vile" behaviours and that he had sacked the member of staff responsible.

The mum deemed the response "appropriate" and urged others to "call it out when you see it. Don’t be afraid.”

Chipping Norton Roofing declined to give a further comment to the Daily Star but confirmed the woman's account of the incident.

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In 2020, Rafi D’Angelo, a writer from Harlem, New York, followed a woman to see how many times she would be catcalled and found that it happened three times in five minutes.

The bloke then posted on his website “So Let's Talk About It” about an encounter that changed his opinion on catcalling.

He asked men to recognise that catcalling isn’t flattering for women, but intimidating and irritating.

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