Royal family net worth ranked – and how the British royals make money

The British Royal family are one of the most famous families in the world – and they have the wealth to show for it.

Between private estates, investments and Crown Jewels, there are plenty of things that add to the wealth of the Royal brand.

But exactly how “comfortable” are the British Royal Family? How much is King Charles III worth after his mother, the Queen passed away, and what is his family's net worth?

All taken into consideration, the British Royal family is worth an estimated £422billion.

Here are the Royal Family’s top earners, their net worths ranked, and exactly how they make all that money.

1. King Charles

According to Forbes, King Charles III is set to inherit the majority of the Queen's fortune and won't pay tax on the earnings.

He inherits a cool £440million from the late monarch, according to the website.

It estimates that the whole firm is worth about $28billion, split into four categories.

The most valuable holding is the £16.7bn Crown Estate.

2. Prince William

Prince William, who is now heir to the throne, just inherited the Duchy of Cornwall estate – with an estimated value of £1billion.

He was already wealthy after he inherited 10million from his mother, the late Princess Diana.

He also inherited £7million from the Queen Mother when she died in 2002.

3. Prince Harry

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Prince Harry is thought to be worth around £32million.

Most of his wealth comes from the fortune amassed by their late mother, Princess Diana.

He reportedly received a lump sum of £10million when he turned 30 years old.

Harry and his wife Meghan also make commercial income after quitting as senior members of the Royal Family.

Their deal with Spotify is rumoured to be worth around £18million, and they also have a deal with Netflix.

5. Kate Middleton

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Prince William’s wife’s net worth is believed to be somewhere around £8million – but considering she is now the Princess of Wales, it's due to surge.

Although she doesn’t have Royal blood, the Duchess of Sussex comes from a very wealthy family.

How does the British Royal Family make money?

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King Charles and the Royal Family, earn most of their money from the government and their private estates.

The Crown'’s three main sources of income are the Sovereign Grant, the Duchy of Lancaster estate, and personal investments.

The Sovereign Grant is an annual lump sum from the government.

This money is meant to cover official expenses, such as travel, security, staff and the upkeep of the Royal palaces.

The Sovereign Grant is generated from the Crown Estate, which is a collection of properties and farms that generate millions of pounds each year.

The Duchy of Lancaster is a private estate of commercial, agricultural and residential properties.

The King will use this money to pay for the duties the Royal Family carry out.

The Queen had personal assets, including Balmoral Castle in Scotland and the Sandringham Estate, which were both inherited from her father. It is believed King Charles will inherit these.

There is also the national treasures of the crown, which is hold in a spare trust known as the Royal Collection.

This includes the Crown Jewels, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Frogmore House.

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