Royal fans fume at Meghans poorly timed interview amid Queens health fears

Meghan Markle has been slammed by royal fans for appearing on a high-profile interview with famed talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a worrying time for Queen's health.

In a trailer for the show on Ellen's Twitter page, which airs at Thursday (18 Nov) 9pm UK time, The Duchess of Sussex chatted about how she would drive her "very, very old" Ford explorer Sport to auditions.

The Duchess of Sussex claimed the key had stopped working in the driver's side door and she then had to climb across seats to get out.

The announcement that Meghan was appearing on the show has been met with backlash online from many fans who feel it is "disrespectful" to the Queen.

One disgruntled fan wrote: “Personally I am stunned that the Duchess is once again giving a very public interview at a a time when our monarch is not in the best of health.

“What ever may be said, the last poorly timed interview was not helpful to anyone but the Sussex couple and to the interviewer. It was certainly not helpful to the late Duke of Edinburgh."

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The fan is referring to Harry and Meghan's explosive Oprah interview eight months ago, which aired when Prince Philip was in hospital.

“The uncharitable may say the Duchess of Sussex is trying to destroy the UK Royal family and HM the Queen in a ploy to boost her own popularity and public ratings," the fan continued.

“I am begging CBS and Ms DeGeneres not to air the interview at the present time, whatever the interview content.

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“The 95 year old recently widowed Grandmother of the Duke has her first wedding anniversary since her husbands passing on the 20th of November, is not in the best of health, and does not need this.”

Criticism of the interview's timing continued to be directed at Meghan online.

Another royal fan wrote: "Her opinions are unimportant to many who are loyal to the Royal family.. she has tried to smear them publicly and has lost all credibility and respect…”

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While another said: "Mmmmm no thanks. Since leaving the UK to get away from the media, all she’s done is grab every media opportunity available. Strange behaviour."

But some people have defended Meghan's decision to appear on Ellen claiming the critics are simply "jealous".

One person wrote: "How can anybody dislike her, she's so down to earth and humble."

Another said: "The amount of hateful Karen’s here are sad. I wonder if it’s just jealousy or envy or both.

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"I pray that they have a long and happy marriage and forget about outside distractions."

A third said: "So many negative people that have no lives and hate her for having a beautiful one."

The show’s website said: “The activist and co-founder of Archewell will chat with Ellen about growing up and returning to California, as well as her New York Times bestselling children’s book The Bench.”

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