Royal fans not surprised by Meghan Markles British citizenship test admission

Royal Family fans have been left completely unsurprised by Meghan Markle's recent confession surrounding her British citizenship test.

The Duchess of Sussex explained that she had "studied" for her British citizenship test and that despite asking Prince Harry for help, the Duke of Sussex had "struggled" to lend a hand.

Speaking on the latest episode of Archetypes, Meghan revealed her woes with a comment on the "hard" test that left her and Harry puzzled at the revision materials.

READ MORE: Meghan Markle 'studied' for British Citizenship test and Harry 'struggled' to help

But the difficulties of the test appear to have left many Royal Family fans completely unsurprised.

A series of replies to a news article tweeted out about Meghan's difficulties in studying for the British citizenship test were confused at how the Duchess found it so difficult.

One user tweeted: "Just got 20/24 without studying, not that hard & I'm not from the UK!"

To pass the test, those taking it must receive a score of 18/24 at a minimum, with a 75% pass rate required, according to the website.

Yet another non-UK based member of Twitter said that they had no trouble with the test, remarking that the Duchess of Sussex was being a tad dramatic.

They wrote: "I am not native English speaker but the test wasn’t difficult. It is designed to pass. Why does MM have to dramatize everything."

Another simply wrote: "That doesn't surprise me."

One Twitter user of American origins said they took the test and managed to pass a "sample" of the questions "without studying".

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